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Lunch is salvation, a chance to catch up with friends, a conversation piece. What did you have for lunch? To paraphrase from a wise, wise man you always get to choose what you have for lunch. No matter how badly your day has started, no matter how dim the prospects of the afternoon are, no matter how much you feel like you do not have any control over your day, you always get to choose what to have for lunch.

To be great a lunch needs three attributes: It needs to be delicious to make you feel like you made the right decision. It needs to be satisfying to get you through the next 5, 6 even 8 hours until dinner. It needs to be a good deal or else you might not be having lunch tomorrow:).

There are some other things that enhance even the otherwise great lunch.

One is a free lunch, and yes there is such a thing. I am not talking about the lunch you get for free because you had a punch card and got 10 punches. I am talking about the lunch that the owner of the eatery gives to you because you frequent their establishment, are polite, complimentary and courteous.

Another is the $5 lunch, although the HST might have made this lunch extinct in Victoria. When you can get a tasty lunch for $5 or less that lasts you through to dinner there is something special about thaat.

There are others too, the two beer lunch, the first patio lunch of the year, lunch with a pretty girl....

Some things about me, my dinning habits and why I am starting this blog:

I am an omnivore, I enjoy all types of meats.
I do not like olives.
I love bread.
I am willing to taste any food once.
I am willing to give second chances.
I am willing to never visit somewhere ever again.
I have stiffed wait staff.
I have given 40% tips.
I need a project to keep me busy.
I am starting to forget some of the places I used to go for lunch, I want to remember the places that I am currently going to.
I have read some blogs about Victoria's restaurants and on each one I have read a review that has made me say 'they have this place all wrong.'

I am going to begin my blog by writing about some of my favourite places for lunch, hopefully you will have already heard of these places and I will give you my take on why they are great. Obviously the first few entries are going to be pretty positive but after that I will get on with reviewing each lunch stop I make, tell you what I had for lunch that day and let you know if I think you should consider having that for lunch tommorrow. Enjoy.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Aegean Cafe: It's what for lunch on wednesday

Aegean Cafe
731B Fort Street
Last Visit: probably last wednesday 

The Aegean Cafe is hidden in an alleyway behind the east bound bus stop on Fort Street between Douglas & Blanshard.  I had no idea this restaurant was in in town until about a year ago when a friend of mine alerted me to the wednesday special, since then I head this way most wednesdays. The wednesday special is simply the best wrap I've ever had. 

The chicken chipotle wrap is, as the name suggests, a chicken wrap with a chipotle sauce.  The chicken is prepared (I believe) in the same manner as for a chicken souvlaki and is placed in a warm tortilla shell with lettuce, carrots, the chipoltle sauce and a scoop of mashed potatoes.  The mashed potato transforms this lunch from regular wrap to the best ever, no need for rice here.

With your special you can get a soup or salad.  The soup is homemade and changes daily; if it is a flavour that I think I might like I always do.  If you prefer salad you can have a house salad (I never have), a ceaser salad (don't, no options, just dressed lettuce with ceaser dressing that isn't very good) or greek salad with a chipotle olive oil that gives this salad a tasty twist from a normal greek.

So go on wednesday, get the special and you'll be out $10.60 (stupid HST, used to be $9.98) but you will have had one of the best chicken wraps ever.  If you're eating in be sure to head upstairs so you are not crowded out by the lineup for food.  I have never ordered anything else and never been on any other day because you can't get the special but I would certainly be willing to try anything from this great little place with courteous, efficient and personable service.

9/10 rating for lunch
9.5/10 rating for value

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